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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Proctor?

A proctor is someone who is 21 years of age or older who watches while you take your final exam in order to ensure you are not cheating.

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What is a Service Permit?

A service permit is a permit issued by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to employees who serve alcohol in restaurants, taverns, nightclubs, bars, lounges, private clubs, and similar businesses, and to employees at Off-Premises businesses whose duties include filling growlers. A service permit is good for 5 years from the date of completing our Online Alcohol Server Course and Final Exam.

How long does the online course take?

There is no mandatory length of time requirement for the ASE course. On average, the online course takes anywhere from 2.5 to 4 hours to complete.

Do I need to take the entire course in one sitting?

No, you do not need to take the entire course in one sitting and may take as many breaks as you would like throughout the course. Your progress is saved every time you complete a unit section.

However, when you get ready to take the OLCC Final Exam you will need to complete the exam in one sitting and will be required to have a Proctor present while you are taking the final exam.

What should I do if I begin to experience technical difficulties while taking the program?

If you experience any technical difficulties while taking our course please call us at (888) 865-1900. We are open Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PST.

Which browser should I use while taking your program?

Android, Apple iOS, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera are all compatible with our online program.

Do I need audio to take this course?

Yes, our program is composed of videos and it will be necessary for you to hear these videos so you can learn the course material.

How secure is your website?

Our website features a secure SSL Certificate which ensures secure transactions between our web server and your browser. This allows for private information to be securely transmitted.

Why do I need a service permit ?

Oregon law requires you to have a service permit if you work at a business with a liquor license that allows customers to drink on the premises and you mix, serve, or sell alcohol in any manner. Managers who supervise employees who mix, serve, or sell alcohol must also have a service permit. Additionally, if you work at an Off-Premises licensed business (grocery or convenience store) and your duties include filling growlers you must have a valid service permit. Employees who work at these types of businesses (On-Premises licenses or dispensing growlers at an Off-Premises licensed business) must not sell, serve, or mix alcohol without a valid service permit.

What if I just clear tables or work in the kitchen?

If you set up and clear tables, work in the kitchen, check ID at the door, or work as a janitor, bouncer or security person, you do not need a service permit as long as you do not also mix, serve, or sell alcohol in any manner or supervise those who do.

What if I’m a hostess? Do I need a service permit?

If your only responsibility as a host or hostess is to greet and seat customers, you do not need a service permit. However, if you collect money from customers who have been drinking or ring up checks that include charges for alcohol, this indicates you are selling alcohol and therefore need a service permit. If you roam the floor and sometimes help servers by delivering drinks to a table or refilling a customer's glass of wine or beer, you are serving alcohol and need a service permit. Remember, the law says you must have a service permit if you mix, serve, or sell alcohol in any manner.

When may I begin to work?

You may begin working only after you have created an OLCC Portal Account and submitted a Service Application. DO NOT MIX, SERVE, OR SELL ANY ALCOHOL UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE APPLICATION.

You will be issued a temporary permit upon completing the Service Application which you must have on you at all times while you are working until you receive your permit.

Do I have to take an Alcohol Server Education Class?

Yes, if you have not already passed a class within the past 5 years. You must complete an Alcohol Server Education class and pass the examination within 45 days after your application is submitted. For more information, call 503-872-5119 in Portland or 1-800-452-6522, ext. 5119, elsewhere in Oregon.

If you do not take and pass a class within 45 days of submitting your application you will be required to submit another application and fee. It is important to note that if you submit a second application YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR ANOTHER TEMPORARY PERMIT and will have to take and pass an Alcohol Server Education class before you can serve and/or sell alcohol again. Do not submit your second application until you complete an ASE Course!

May I take an ASE class before I submit an application?

Yes. If you take and pass a class before submitting your application you are eligible to apply for a service permit within two years of completing the class. However if you wait longer than two years to apply after completing the class you will need to retake the class in order to obtain a service permit. As long as you apply for a service permit within two years of completing the class, your service permit will then be valid for 5 years from the date the Alcohol Server Education class and test were taken.

What if I don’t have an employer yet?

May I get a service permit before I find a job?

Yes, you'll just need to complete an ASE Course and submit an application in order to receive your OLCC Permit.

What if I am between 18 and 20 years old?

If you are 18, 19, or 20 years old, you can get a minor service permit. With a minor service permit, you may serve, pour, and draw alcoholic beverages only in areas of the business not prohibited to minors where alcohol service is secondary to food service. You may not mix drinks nor work as a bartender or cocktail server.

You may enter and remain in areas prohibited to minors (such as a bar or lounge) only long enough to perform work-related duties such as:

  • Ordering and picking up drinks for service in areas not prohibited to minors (such as a dining room),
  • Clearing tables,
  • Stocking supplies, and
  • Delivering food.

On your 21st birthday, these restrictions will no longer apply.

How long is my OLCC Permit good for?

All Service Permits expire five years from the date the Alcohol Server Education class was taken.

Is it mandatory to have my permit on me while I’m working?

The law says you must make your OLCC Permit available at all times you are on duty for immediate inspection by an OLCC Inspector or Investigator or by a police officer. You can leave your permit in your wallet in the employee room so long as you can produce it immediately upon being asked. But if you leave your permit at home or at another restaurant where you work, you could get into trouble because it would not be available for immediate inspection. (ORS 471.360)

How do I renew my OLCC Permit?

Your service permit must be renewed every 5 years. To renew your permit, you must submit a new service permit application and fee and pass another Alcohol Server Education class. You may renew your service permit by either repeating the initial class or taking a shorter renewal class if you qualify for a renewal course and one is available in your area.

What if I lose my permit or change my name?

You must apply immediately for a duplicate or name change permit. You can apply through the OLCC's Online Portal.


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