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TABC Certification Online

Are you ready for the low of college students on Spring Break headed for Texas? 

As you know, not all college students are of legal age to purchase or consume alcohol, but that won’t stop them from trying.

Remember to check ALL Id’s and take the time to look at the ID. ( Don’t forget, College or University ID’s are not valid for either buying or consuming alcohol.

Take the time to look at 10 things on an ID.

  1. The expiration date. If it is expired, it’s not valid.
  2. The photo
  3. Month of birth
  4. Day of birth
  5. Year of birth
  6. Height
  7. Weight
  8. The hologram or state seal. Fake ID’s will have holograms that have nothing to do with the ID. (Things like, the word “Genuine, Keys, etc.”)
  9. The back of the ID. It might be blank or have wording that doesn’t make sense.
  10. The signature. (Have them sign their name 3 times on 3 separate pieces of paper.)

Have fun and make some tips!!