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Terms of Enrollment

  1. By agreeing to this agreement, I, as the person (registrant) taking the AACEA Alcohol Training and Education Seminar, agree to the following and will in no way hold AACEA or any of its affiliates liable for any action caused by me or others upon my direction, rather it be civil liability or law liability.

  2. I do hereby swear under the penalties of perjury that I, as the person whom is registering for this AACEA Alcohol Training and Education Seminar, am the one who will be taking the course to receive a Certification Card. Upon agreeing to this, I have knowingly accepted that I am creating my own account with AACEA which only I may access. I will be the only person attending and interacting with the course content under my account.

  3. I do hereby understand, under the penalties of perjury that I, as the registered participant of the AACEA Alcohol Training and Education Seminar, am the only one who will be taking the course.

  4. I do hereby understand that I must complete the entire training seminar before taking the exam.

  5. I do hereby understand that upon registering and submitting funds I will not be granted a refund. However, AACEA understands that there may be certain instances in which a refund might be granted. I do hereby understand that it is my responsibility to check the system requirement page on the AACEA website before registering.

  6. I hereby understand that I am not to consume alcohol or be under the influence of intoxicants while taking this course.

  7. I hereby understand that in order to terminate enrollment from this course I may simply close the program before payment.


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