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Five Reasons Your TABC License Might Not Be Enough to Get You A Job Bartending

TABC LicenseBecoming a bartender requires that you study for and earn your TABC license (also known as the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Certification) but having one doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be hired. There are a couple of reasons you might have been turned down, and for the most part, those reasons include experience, look, and attitude. Here are the top five reasons your TABC certification might not have gotten you the job.
  1. You Don’t Look the Part – A lot of bars have a specific look and feel, and they like their employees to blend in. If you don’t look like you belong in a certain bar, they probably won’t hire you unless they are in desperate need of a bartender. Try visiting the bar in advance, getting an idea of dress code, style, and attitude, and then going in prepared.
  2. You Aren’t Experienced Enough – So how do you get a job as a bartender if you need experience to get it? Actually most bars like to hire bartenders on as servers first so that you can learn how the bar works from the ground up. You will need your TABC license for serving as well, and you can take the time to learn the house drinks and favorites while dishing them out. Most bars won’t hire a new bartender as a bartender unless you already have years of experience, or can demonstrate proficiency with all of the house drink.
  3. They Didn’t Like Your Attitude – If they don’t like your attitude, they simply won’t hire you. While sometimes bars might refuse to hire you because they simply ‘don’t like you’, most will refuse a hire because they don’t think you’re trustworthy, don’t think you’re polite enough, or even if you’re too polite!
  4. You’re Not a People Person – Most bartenders make the majority of their wage in tips, so you have to be a people person. If the bar owners don’t think you have what it takes to cheerfully talk to a bar full of people and entertain them while filling glasses and making drinks, they might skip hiring you.
  5. Your License is Old – Your TABC certification is only valid for two years after completion so if you’re about to lose your license, some bartenders might ask you to take it again before they hire you. If this is the case, all you have to do is look for a TABC certification online and renew your license.
There are a lot of reasons you might not be hired for the job, even if you qualify. A lot of bars actually prefer to train their own bartenders to their own drink style, especially if they are well known for cocktails and mixed drinks. In some cases, you might even have to start off serving and work your way up. Usually, the only way to find out is to ask, and to make sure they are hiring.

Five Tips for Getting Your TABC Certification Online

TABC CertificationIf you’re planning on taking your TACB certification online, then you need free time, a printer, and patience. If you’re ready to take the test, you should start out by finding a certified TABC website online such as America’s Alcohol Certified Education Association or the AACEA. The following five tips can help you get started, and help you pass your test.

Check to Make Sure the Website is Certified Getting your TACB certification online is great, but only if you’re getting it from an approved website. The AACEA is approved by the TABC and you can check to see it listed at the top of Section II: Internet Training resources on If you get your certification from a website that isn’t listed, it might not be legit.

Prepare to Sit Through the Course The TABC online certification is approximately 2 hours long plus a test, so you should prepare. Make sure you have free time, no interruptions, and a glass of water handy. Taking a bathroom break beforehand can also help.

Take a Short Break Before the Test After taking the two hour course, you should get up, stretch, and if necessary visit the bathroom. A quick ten minute break will allow you to relax so that you do better on the test. If you don’t think you need the break, you can of course skip it and go right from the lesson to the test.

Have a Printer Handy You can print your certification as soon as you pass the test, so try having a printer handy. If you don’t have a printer in your home, you can also schedule your test so that you can go to the library or anywhere with a printer immediately after finishing.

Study at a Time Best For You Studies show that we learn better when fully rested and not distracted by thirst, hunger, or stress. If you schedule your study time and test for a time when you aren’t going to be tired, you are likely to do better on the test and therefore pass more easily. Depending on your personal preferences this could be in the morning, night, weekends, or even weekdays. The best part about taking your TABC certification online is that you can take it any day of the week, 24/7. Try finding a time that suits your needs.

AAECA offers a fully certified TABC test and course, and we’ve gotten a lot of great reviews on our lessons. Some of the course material includes video, activities, and a bit of humor so that you can study more easily. All that we recommend is that you come comfortable, have the free time, and don’t have any distractions. Those with kids who are studying in their home should try to get a babysitter for the period so that they can focus on the lessons.

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