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AACEA Oregon: Growler Fillin’ Oregon Alcohol Server Permit Requirements + A Little History!

If filling growlers is one of your job responsibilities – whether you work at a restaurant/bar, liquor store, brewery, grocery store, or anywhere else – you will need to take a certified Alcohol Seller/Server Training course to get an Oregon Alcohol Server Permit. This will ensure you are compliant with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s (OLCC’s) laws and regulations.

The OLCC defines a growler as a refillable, securely-covered container that is sold to a consumer at retail, can hold up to two gallons or less, and is used to transport beer, wine or cider. If you’re curious about the history of growlers, you can check out a brief history lesson below!

The exact origination of the word “growler” is hard to pinpoint, but there are several theories as to how the term was deemed – it’s up to you to choose the one that resonates most with you! But then again... why can't they all be true?

AACEA Oregon: How Do I Get My Oregon Alcohol Service Permit?

If you need an Oregon Alcohol Service Permit to perform your job, AACEA Oregon provides an online Alcohol Server Education course to help you get it!

Before you sign up for the course, we thought it might be helpful to provide you with some information regarding the two-step process you will need to complete before you can receive your Oregon Alcohol Service Permit!


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AACEA Oregon: Must-Know Oregon State Alcohol Laws – Simplified!

If you’re curious about Oregon’s Alcohol Laws, we’ve put together a simplified list of must-know alcohol laws below! Please note, however, that some bars and restaurants have their own “house policies” which may be even more strict than the laws mentioned here.

How old do I need to be in Oregon State to bartend?


How old do I need to be in Oregon State to serve alcohol as waitstaff?


How old do I need to be in Oregon State to conduct alcohol tastings?


How old do I need to be in Oregon State to enter a bar?

21The only exception is if you are at least 18 years old and are accompanying a spouse or domestic partner who is at least 21 years old.

AACEA Oregon: OLCC Oregon Alcohol Laws & Minors – What Can Minor Employees Do?

If you’re in the service industry or are planning to join the service industry in Oregon, you may be curious to know what minor employees can and can’t do when it comes to alcohol sales and service. If you’re not curious, but need to get an OLCC Permitfor your job, you are welcome to do that too!

Before we get started, we’d like to define a couple terms for the purposes of this post:

1) The term “minor” is used to describe anyone between the ages of 18-21

2) The term “on Premises Location” is a location where alcohol is served or sold to be consumed at the establishment (think bars and restaurants).

Okay, let’s begin by going over what minor employees who have an OLCC Permit can and can’t do while working at an “on Premises Location”:

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