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AACEA California: Must-Know California Alcohol Serving Laws

Hey Californians! If you are in the hospitality industry and serve alcohol during your job (whether you’re a bartender, waitstaff, or you serve alcohol in some other capacity while on the job) you’re definitely going to want to know and understand California drinking laws to keep yourself out of trouble!

Likewise, if you’re hoping to participate in drinking activities within California state (whether you’re from in or out of state), the below basic California alcohol laws will be helpful for you to know as well!

How old do I need to be in California State to bartend?


How old do I need to be in California State to serve alcohol as waitstaff?


How old do I need to be in California State to conduct alcohol tastings?


How old do I need to be in California State to enter a bar?


AACEA California: RBS Training - What You Need To Know As A Special Events Server

If you are a Special Events Server in California, or if you are planning to serve alcohol at a special event such as at a fair, festival, or any other event where a temporary alcohol license is required, you may be wondering what information you need to know in order to responsibly serve alcoholic beverages in the state of California. The CA ABC (California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control) manages California’s alcohol licensing, education, and enforcement, but they do not require that you complete a Responsible Beverage Server (RBS) training in order to Serve alcohol at a special event.

But here’s the deal… An RBS training is still incredibly valuable and (at times) required for employment!

Even though the CA ABC does not mandate RBS Trainings, they still encourage Special Events Alcohol Servers and Bartenders to complete an RBS course from a provider that is listed on their RBS Training Provider List (like yours truly) in order to protect themselves from alcohol related liabilities! Not to mention, there are several establishments and events that require employees to take an RBS course.

A few of the topics you will want to be aware of as a Special Events Server are as follows:

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