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AACEA Arizona: Arizona Must-Know Alcohol Laws - Simplified!

Arizonians! If you are a bartender, server, or manager who oversees employees who engage in alcohol transactions, or if you’re planning to enter the hospitality industry in Arizona, you’re going to need to know Arizona’s alcohol laws and adhere to them while on the job. Likewise, if you are a customer who wants to engage in drinking festivities within Arizona State, these basic laws will be beneficial for you to know.

How old do I need to be in Arizona State to bartend?


How old do I need to be in Arizona State to serve alcohol as waitstaff?


How old do I need to be in Arizona State to conduct alcohol tastings?


How old do I need to be in Arizona State to enter a bar?

21There are a few exceptions to this law:

  1. A minor can enter a bar if they are with their parent, legal guardian or spouse of legal age
  2. Underage military members and veterans may enter a bar if it is classified as a club
  3. Employees who are at least 19 can be in a bar to perform their job duties

AACEA Arizona: Who Needs To Take A Title 4 Course?

If you are involved in alcohol transactions or the alcohol industry in Arizona it is possible you will need to complete a Title 4 Course in order to be in compliance with the Arizona DLLC.

If you are an owner or manager of an establishment that holds a liquor license:

The Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control (DLLC) mandates that anyone who owns and/or manages an establishment with a liquor license is required to take a Title 4 Basic Course and a Title 4 Manager Course. We want to note that these are two separate courses! It is imperative to complete both courses and receive a certificate for each course in order to comply with the DLLC’s requirements. It is also imperative to keep your certification current – the Title 4 Manager Certification is valid for 5 years and the Title 4 Basic Course is valid for 3 years.

In addition, it is a DLLC requirement that owners and managers complete both courses before applying for a liquor license – so if you’re planning on applying for a liquor license anytime soon you’ll need to become certified in both courses first!

Arizona Alcohol Sampling Rules in Arizona State for Alcohol Servers/Seller and Liquor License Holders

Sampling alcohol is a fantastic way to win over new customers and is also a great way for alcohol producers to market a new product to their customers!

In Arizona state, there are two types of alcohol sampling permits and they apply to on-sale and off-sale licensed locations, though the specifications vary slightly.

What is an Arizona Off-Sale Liquor License?

An Arizona Off-Sale Liquor License is one that allows an establishment to sell alcohol to go in its original container – think liquor stores, beer & wine shops, grocery stores, etc.

What is an Arizona On-Sale Liquor License?

An Arizona On-Sale Liquor License is one which allows an establishment to sell and serve alcohol to be consumed within the licensed establishment – think bars, restaurants, breweries, etc.

Arizona Title-4 Training: So You Want to Open a Bar in Arizona? Find Out Which Liquor License You Should Apply for!

If you’re hoping to open up a bar in Arizona State, you are going to need to get yourself an Arizona Liquor License before you can legally sell or serve alcohol at your bar! There are several types of liquor licenses available in Arizona State, but in this post we are going to specifically cover Arizona’s Bar (Series 6) Liquor License which is the license you will most likely need to get for your bar.

Additionally, we recommend checking out an Arizona DLLC Approved Title-4 Training Program in order to receive a more comprehensive understanding of Arizona’s alcohol selling and serving laws.

Title 4 Arizona: Arizona Alcohol Serving Laws – What are Acceptable Forms of ID for Serving and Selling Alcohol?

If you serve or sell alcohol in Arizona as a bartender or waitstaff, or if you manage employees who serve or sell alcohol, it is 100% guaranteed that you will be checking a lot of IDs while on duty! Given this inherent truth, it is important for you to know what styles of identification are considered acceptable for the purpose of alcohol sales and service in the State of Arizona.

Additionally, we recommend completing an Arizona DLLC Approved Title-4 Arizona Liquor Certification in order to receive valuable knowledge regarding Arizona’s alcohol selling and serving laws. Note:It is an AZDLLC requirement that all alcohol servers and sellers complete this training and receive an Arizona Title-4 Certificate in order to legally sell or serve alcohol in Arizona State!

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