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Title 4 Arizona: Arizona Alcohol Serving Laws – What are Acceptable Forms of ID for Serving and Selling Alcohol?

If you serve or sell alcohol in Arizona as a bartender or waitstaff, or if you manage employees who serve or sell alcohol, it is 100% guaranteed that you will be checking a lot of IDs while on duty! Given this inherent truth, it is important for you to know what styles of identification are considered acceptable for the purpose of alcohol sales and service in the State of Arizona.

Additionally, we recommend completing an Arizona DLLC Approved Title-4 Arizona Liquor Certification in order to receive valuable knowledge regarding Arizona’s alcohol selling and serving laws. Note: It is an AZDLLC requirement that all alcohol servers and sellers complete this training and receive an Arizona Title-4 Certificate in order to legally sell or serve alcohol in Arizona State!

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Washington MAST: Implementing House Policies to Protect Alcohol Servers, Sellers, and Liquor Licensed Establishments

If you’re in the alcohol industry in Washington State (whether you’re an alcohol server, seller, manager, or liquor license holder), you may already be aware of the liability you can be held accountable for if you serve or sell alcohol to a minor or a customer who is apparently intoxicated. One of the best ways you can reduce the likelihood of having legal issues held against you is to implement “house policies” for your co-workers or your employees to follow.

If you would like to receive a comprehensive training on Washington State Alcohol Selling and Serving laws, or if you are an alcohol server and need to receive a MAST Permit so you can work, we recommend checking out a WSLCB approved online MAST Permit Course!

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Texas TABC Training: How to Pass a TABC Alcohol Sting Operation

One of the most important responsibilities of any alcohol server in Texas State is to ensure that minors (those who are under 21 years of age) are not served alcohol. This is to protect yourself and the establishment you work at from liability and to promote public safety.

One way the TABC ensures that liquor licensed establishments are following this law is to conduct Minor Sting Operations, and it is in your best interest as a server, liquor license holder, or a manager, to pass any sting operation that happens at your establishment!

If you would like to receive an in-depth training on TABC Texas Alcohol Serving and Selling Laws, or if you need to receive a TABC Certificate in order to work as an alcohol server, we recommend signing up for a TABC Alcohol Server Training Course to ensure you are properly educated!

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OLCC Alcohol Service Permit: Series - Most Common Oregon Liquor Licenses: Learn About the Winery (WY) License

Are you a wine connoisseur with a dream of opening up your own winery in Oregon State? If so, it’ll be important for you to know which OLCC Liquor License you will need to apply for and receive before you open for business. This will most likely be the Oregon Winery (WY) alcohol license!

We recommend that anyone who plans to open up an establishment that sells or serves alcohol to customers in Oregon State complete an OLCC Approved Oregon Alcohol Service Permit Course in order to receive comprehensive education regarding Oregon Alcohol Laws and to receive an Oregon Alcohol Seller Server Permit in the process.

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Michigan Alcohol Server Training: How to use a Logbook to Protect your Establishment from Liability – For Michigan Alcohol Sellers, Servers, and Liquor License Holders

In Michigan State, it is the responsibility of alcohol servers to ensure that minors or visibly intoxicated individuals (VIPs) are not served alcohol. If you, as a server, fail to adhere to this responsibility then it is very likely that you and the establishment you work at will be held liable for any alcohol related tragedies that may come out of serving alcohol to a minor or VIP.

One of the best ways to become knowledgeable about Michigan State’s alcohol selling and serving laws and to prevent liability is to complete an MLCC approved Michigan Alcohol Server Training Course. In fact, it is a requirement in Michigan State for every establishment to have trained supervisors on duty at all times alcohol is being sold or served!

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Louisiana Responsible Vendor Training: Preventing Drug Related Activities from Occurring at your Establishment

Liquor License holders in Louisiana State are responsible for managing the activities within their establishments and are required to maintain a safe and lawful environment for its patrons. This includes ensuring there are no drug-related transactions or activities happening on the premises at any time. We’ve provided some tips and tricks for effectively managing a drug-free environment at your establishment below!

Additionally, if you’re hoping to become more knowledgeable about Louisiana Alcohol Laws in general or need to complete a Louisiana ATC approved Responsible Vendor training course to receive a Louisiana Bar Card, we recommend checking out a Louisiana Alcohol Server Training Course.

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Florida Liquor Laws: The Different Styles of Alcohol Manufacturer’s Licenses

If you’ve become inspired by the brewery, winery, or distillery movement and have a dream to open up your own alcohol manufacturing facility, you are going to need to apply for and receive one of Florida State’s Alcohol Licenses before you can begin the manufacturing process! There are several styles of alcohol manufacturer’s licenses to choose from, so we put together a list to help you determine which one you will need.

Before we go any further, we would like to note that one of the easiest ways to learn about Florida State alcohol laws is to take a Florida Alcohol Server Training course. This training will prove to be even more valuable if you intend to sell or serve alcohol at your establishment!

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California Alcohol Laws: Transferring California Liquor Licenses (Part 1)

The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (CA ABC) allows alcohol On-Sale and Off-Sale retail licenses to be transferred:

  • from a license holder to another person


  • from one premises to another

Before we go any further, we’d like note that the easiest way to learn about California Alcohol Laws is to complete and/or require all staff to complete a CA RBS Training which also teaches practical techniques for following and enforcing California Liquor laws within your establishment.

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Montana Alcohol Server Training: Q&A for Montana Liquor License Holders – Where can I Legally Purchase Liquor to Sell at my Establishment? (Part 2)

This is part two of a two-part blog series covering where establishments in Montana State can legally purchase alcohol from to sell at their establishment. If you work at, own, or are hoping to open up an establishment in Montana State that sells or serves alcohol, it will be imperative for you to know where you can legally purchase alcohol to sell or serve at your establishment!

We’ve listed some common Q&A’s below for you regarding this topic, however, if you’re hoping to receive more comprehensive education regarding Montana State’s alcohol laws, we recommend that you complete a MT Department of Revenue approved Montana Online Responsible Alcohol Seller Server Training Course which will provide you with an abundance of valuable Montana State alcohol selling and serving laws and requirements.

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Utah Alcohol Laws: Utah Club Liquor License Rules, Restrictions, and Requirements

If you’re hoping to open up a club in Utah State, or if you currently work at a club in Utah State, it will be extremely beneficial for you to have a better understanding of Utah’s Club Liquor License rules, restrictions, and requirements. We have listed these below for your reference!

Additionally, we recommend completing a Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) approved Utah Alcohol Server Training Course to receive a more comprehensive training regarding Utah’s Alcohol Selling and Serving laws!

The Utah State Club Liquor License caters to a few different styles of clubs, namely: country clubs, fraternal clubs, dining clubs, and social clubs. In this post we are going to specifically cover social clubs.

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