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South Carolina

System Requirements

Internet Connection Speed:
Greater than 1mbps

Test Your Internet Connection Speed!!!

Can you see the video above? Does it load quickly? If so, your internet connection speed should be sufficient to take this course.

If you cannot see the video above (if it is slow, or continuously starts and stops), your internet connection may not be sufficient to take this course.

Connection speed is very important.

This program is intended to be taken in an area which does NOT have firewalls. Taking this course in areas such as Public Libraries, Hotels etc. may cause videos to download slowly or buffer because of firewalls. If you have started the course and are experiencing these issues, please change computers (if possible, take the course at home) and ensure you have high speed internet.

For best results high speed internet should be used. This program is not intended for dial up internet. Satellite internet users may experience delays with the videos loading.

Web Browsers:
Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, or Safari.

Mobile Browsers:

Note to Internet Explorer users.
If you are having problems with the site, please set your browser to "Compatibility View" mode. Instructions can be found here.

Must be enabled.

Computer Recommendations:
Windows Version: XP, Vista, 7
Processor: Greater than 1.5 Ghz
Ram: Greater than 1Gb

Browser Plugins:
Adobe Flash Player
Click here to install

Adobe Reader
Click here to download


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