Oklahoma Able
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Course Outline


Topic: the Oklahoma Department of Liquor Licenses and Control Title 4 On-sale and Off-sale basic training.

Information to be covered in this module:

  1. Tutorial
  2. Enrollment Agreement
  3. Seminar Objectives
  4. The terminology used in this course
  5. What is Title 4 Training?
  6. Who is required to attend Title 4 Training?
  7. Who is the DLLC? (Department of Liquor Licenses and Control)
  8. Who is the Oklahoma Liquor Board?


Topic: Alcohol and the hospitality industry.

Information to be covered in this module:

  1. Why do you work in the hospitality business?
  2. What do you expect from working in the hospitality industry?
  3. By controlling the problems associated with alcohol, you will make more money.
  4. Why do people drink?
  5. What problems do you see happening from alcohol consumption?
  6. Statistics of the problems associated with alcohol and the impact they have on society.
  7. The Implied Consent Law
  8. DUI.
  9. The costs incurred from DUI.
  10. How you as a seller or server can directly impact DUI.


Topic: The liability that you as a seller/server can be accountable for.

Information to be covered in this module:

  1. Dram Shop Lawsuits
  2. The potential legal consequences of over service
  3. What you can be sued for
  4. Consequences for serving an intoxicated individual
  5. Consequences for serving a minor
  6. Who can sue you
  7. Damages you would have to pay
  8. Criminal liability
  9. Strategies for Protecting Yourself and Your Employer from Any Kind of Liability
  10. Using a log book
  11. Alcohol serving policy


Topic: Oklahoma Title 4 Laws.

Information to be covered in this module:

  1. Disturbances and illegal activities
  2. Lewd and disorderly conduct
  3. Gambling
  4. Food service


Topic: Oklahoma State Liquor Laws Continued.

Information to be covered in this module:

  1. Inspection of premises
  2. Retaining business records
  3. Purchasing alcohol for resale
  4. Storage of alcohol
  5. Sampling alcohol
  6. Legal hours of alcohol sales and service
  7. The legal age to sell or serve alcohol
  8. Liquor licenses
  9. Required signage
  10. Title 4 violations


Topic: What is alcohol and the physical impact on the body?

Information to be covered in this module:

  1. What is alcohol
  2. Myths about alcohol
  3. How much alcohol is in one drink
  4. How alcohol works in the body once consumed
  5. How do you become sober
  6. What does BAC mean?
  7. How drugs and alcohol can affect a person and the results of such
  8. Alcohol Poisoning


Topic: Observe Listen Evaluate and React/ Guide the guest

Information to be covered in this module:

  1. How to recognize those who are becoming intoxicated
  2. Signs of intoxication
  3. How to deal with an intoxicated Person
  4. How to deny service to an intoxicated person


Topic: Checking ID's

Information to be covered in this module:

  1. The Importance of not serving Minors
  2. What are acceptable forms of identification?
  3. What is not acceptable for ID?
  4. The most common form of fake ID
  5. Passports
  6. Military ID
  7. Details of the Oklahoma Driver’s License/Identification Card
  8. The Ten Point Checking System
  9. Things to look for on a suspect ID
  10. Denying service to a minor


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