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AACEA Texas: Simplified Texas State Alcohol Laws You Need To Know!

If you work in (or are planning to begin working in) the hospitality industry in Texas State, there are some basic Texas Alcohol Laws that will be helpful for you to know or freshen up on! We have simplified the most basic must-know Texas Alcohol Laws below for your reference.

(Please note that some bars and restaurants have their own house policies which may be even more strict than the laws mentioned below)

How old do I need to be in Texas State to bartend?


How old do I need to be in Texas State to serve alcohol as waitstaff?


How old do I need to be in Texas State to conduct alcohol tastings?


How old do I need to be in Texas State to enter a bar?

18 The only exception is if your legal adult parent/guardian or spouse is with you

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AACEA Louisiana: Must-Know New Orleans Alcohol Laws

New Orleans is famous for numerous cultural wonders, including its alluring architecture, fluffy & mouthwateringly delicious beignets (seriously, those powdered pillowy doughnuts are downright dreamy), scrumptious Cajun and Creole fare, and killer Mardi Gras celebrations.

Considering New Orleans’s booze-swamped Bourbon Street and infamous party scene, it may not come as a surprise that New Orleans has some of its very own special alcohol laws. We have highlighted some of these must-know laws for you below!

What are the legal hours for alcohol sales and service in New Orleans?

Every time of the day, 24/7… yeehaw!

Can I drink alcohol in public in New Orleans?

Yes, but only in the French Quarter

How old do I need to be in New Orleans to drink alcohol?

21 The only exceptions to this rule are if alcohol is being consumed for an established religious purpose, if a parent, spouse, or legal guardian purchased the alcohol for their children or spouse, or for medical purposes.

How old do I need to be in New Orleans to enter a bar?


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AACEA Oregon: Must-Know Oregon State Alcohol Laws – Simplified!

If you’re curious about Oregon’s Alcohol Laws, we’ve put together a simplified list of must-know alcohol laws below! Please note, however, that some bars and restaurants have their own “house policies” which may be even more strict than the laws mentioned here.

How old do I need to be in Oregon State to bartend?


How old do I need to be in Oregon State to serve alcohol as waitstaff?


How old do I need to be in Oregon State to conduct alcohol tastings?


How old do I need to be in Oregon State to enter a bar?

21 The only exception is if you are at least 18 years old and are accompanying a spouse or domestic partner who is at least 21 years old.

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AACEA Washington: Basic Washington State Alcohol Laws You Need To Know!

Curious about Washington State’s alcohol laws? There are a ton! But we’ve curated some basic great-to-know laws below for anyone interested:

How old do I need to be in Washington State to bartend?


How old do I need to be in Washington State to serve alcohol as waitstaff?


How old do I need to be in Washington State to conduct alcohol tastings?


How old do I need to be in Washington State to enter a bar?


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AACEA Florida: Becoming A Responsible Vendor – Benefits Of Florida Alcohol Server Training

Several U.S. States require that anyone whose job involves administering alcohol transactions with customers must complete some form of Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service Training. The logic behind this is that the knowledge and skills received from an alcohol server training course will empower waitstaff and bartenders to make decisions that will ensure public safety and prevent alcohol related tragedies from occurring.

If you serve or sell alcohol in Florida State, we recommend taking a Florida Responsible Vendor Alcohol Server Training Course in order to get a Responsible Vendor Certificate, which is similarly known as a “Florida Bartending License” or “Florida “Alcohol License”.

If you own or manage an establishment that serves or sells alcohol, we highly recommend taking the necessary steps to become a Florida Responsible Vendor in order to protect your establishment, staff, and the general public. We have provided the qualifications for becoming a Responsible Vendor in Florida below:

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AACEA Montana: Bartenders And Servers - Using Montana Alcohol Laws & DUI Facts As Leverage To Cut Someone Off

If you are a bartender or server, or if you plan to become a bartender or server in Montana State, you are likely going to need to cut off a person or two at some point during your career. There are several strategies out there that can help you effectively cut off a person from drinking alcohol, many of which you can learn about in our Online MT Alcohol Permit course. If you’ve already completed a Montana Department of Revenue approved Alcohol Server Training Course and are simply hoping to further your skillset for cutting people off, we have provided some helpful information for you below!

The most important responsibility you have as someone who is involved in alcohol transactions is ensuring public safety. This means making sure your customers do not go over their limit or reach a point of intoxication. It also means that if one of your customers does become intoxicated (either at your establishment or before reaching your establishment), it is your responsibility to make sure they do not get behind the wheel of a car or get themselves into any sort of precarious situation.

We know this sounds like a huge responsibility and burden, especially because nobody enjoys being cut off, and who enjoys cutting people off? Our hope is to empower servers and bartenders with knowledge and strategies to help make this process a little smoother, and to ensure it does not have a negative impact on customer experiences (or on your tips!).

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AACEA Texas: TABC Alcohol Laws - Protecting Yourself & Your Establishment From Lawsuits

If you are working for (or own) an establishment in Texas State that serves or sells alcohol, you may be curious about your legal responsibilities and how to prevent yourself, your employees, and/or your establishment from getting into any trouble with the law. One way to become more knowledgeable about this is to take a TABC Certification course that is approved by the TABC in order to get a TABC License for selling or serving alcohol.

If you’re hoping to better inform yourself without taking a course, we have provided some helpful information for you below!

One of the biggest concerns you will have as someone who sells or serves alcohol, or as someone who owns an establishment that sells alcohol to the public, is providing alcohol to intoxicated customers. If alcohol is served or sold to an intoxicated customer who then causes an accident or otherwise finds themselves in an accident, you could find yourself knee deep in a Dram Shop Lawsuit.

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AACEA Louisiana: Liquor Permit Requirements – Which Alcohol Permit Do I Need To Get For My Business?

If you are planning to open up a restaurant or bar in Louisiana State, you may want to learn about Louisiana Alcohol Laws and requirements in order to keep yourself out of trouble! One way to do this is to complete a Louisiana ATC approved LA Responsible Vendor Course – which is required for all employees who interact with customers who purchase or consume alcoholic beverages.

If you are curious about what type of Liquor Permit you’re going to need for your establishment, we have provided some helpful information for you below:

If you will be opening/managing a restaurant, you will probably need a Class AR (Restaurant) Permit, and will need to fulfill the below requirements:

  • Your establishment’s primary function must be to take food orders and serve food, though alcohol can be served in combination with food
  • More than 50% of your establishment’s total average monthly revenue must come from a combination of food and nonalcoholic beverages
  • Your establishment must serve food at all times while in operation
  • Your establishment must maintain separate sales figures for alcohol beverages
  • Your establishment must operate a fully equipped kitchen
  • Your establishment must have a public habitable floor area of no less than 500 square feet

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AACEA Oregon: The OLCC Alcohol Server Program – Responsible Service Permit

Several U.S. States require some form of Alcohol Server/Seller Training for those who serve or sell alcohol or those who manage individuals who serve or sell alcohol. Alcohol is the nation’s #1 drug problem, so many states have appointed state-specific legal entities with the responsibility of enacting and enforcing alcohol laws in order to reduce alcohol related tragedies – such as drunk driving accidents, alcohol related diseases, fights, etc. The goal here is to increase public safety!

The legal entity that enforces alcohol laws in Oregon State is called the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). The OLCC mandates that everyone who serves alcohol to some capacity must take a Mandatory Alcohol Server Education course in order to receive an OLCC Permit, also known as a Service Permit.

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AACEA Washington: Class 12 And Class 13 MAST Permit Replacements & Upgrades

Replacing Your MAST Permit:

Unfortunately, it can be way too easy to lose, wash, or otherwise damage your MAST Permit to the point of being unrecognizable. Even though MAST Permits are made out of a thick paper, it’s still paper and is consequentially vulnerable against the elements. MAST Permit tragedies happen fairly often, so please don’t beat yourself up about it if you have fallen victim.

Lucky for you, we are happy to offer replacement permits! The only catch is we can only replace permits for students who took our Online MAST Permit Program and received their MAST Permit from us. (Sorry, we don’t make the rules!)

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